The Festival of Podcasts is being delayed about a month. A solid date will be posted the second I settle on one.

There are a handful of reasons for this this, though the more I list the more it’ll sound like excuses. Let’s keep it limited to two:

1. I got far less organization done in the last month than I expected I would.

2. A recent illness combined with the wonderful hands-off approach of the average U.S. medical system means I’ve burned through half of my PTO on appointments for a new (potentially chronic) issue. As it currently stands it might be difficult to scrounge together the little bit of PTO I’d need to run the FoP on the last week of May.

A quick preemptive FAQ:

Why the original deadline anyway?

Because this event was originally proposed out of spite for a popular conference that takes place that holiday weekend. FoP was counter-programming. The bit of being counter-programming, while fun, is not worth the extra stress on me or the wonderful putting their time into creating great freely-available con content. (con-tent? Is that anything?)

Where’s the crowdfunding campaign?

Somewhere in that intermediary time between now and the new date.

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